Optimism is a choice.. viewing the world as apositive place, which strongly correlates with good physical and mental health.

March is National Optimism Month, a perfect time to get rid of negative and intrusive thoughts and make the choice to work on positive planning for your personal and financial future.  

Proper insurance and financial planning is a key aspect to achieving psychiological well-being and mental health. By placeing the risk with the right company and advisors, you can eliminate unnecessary worry and stress and get back to happy thoughts!

Here are some suggestions to help your "inner optimist" during National Optimsim Month:

Week 1: Relax Your Mind. Talk to an investment professional about rebalancing your portfolio and removing the toxins of unbalances and underperforming investents. Top that off by trying somethign new, like a yoga class to clear your mind and strengthen your body. 

Week 2: Happiness by the Numbers. Your assignment this week is to cultivate thoughts of gratitude. It has been scientifically proven that what you think about manifests in your body, your emotions, your choices and the atmosphere you create. Purge your bad thoughts, take every thought captive and make sure your familt is well protected from negative projections and against the unknown with proper planning and coverage. 

Week 3: Avoid Emotional Vampires. Take a survey of your life this week to access and liimit your expsore to negative people, habits and situations that are emotionally draiing. While we all have made poor financial choices at one time or another, you can protect against the emotional roller coaster of market volatility. Consider guareanteeing a portion of your retirment income*

Week 4: Act Like An Optimist: This week, take big steps, walk faster and stand taller. Stop to smell those roses, but really. Turbulent financial times often produce great opportunites for future gain, so be optimistic! Jump in and consult an investment professional to help you plane for a bright future. 

Whatever you do, march into National Optimism Month with a smile, knowing the best is yet to come!

*All guarentees are subject to the claims payign ability of the issing company.



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